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Transform a room into a stunning fairy tale

What is up lighting?

Up lighting, or up-lighting, or even mood lighting is the strategic placing up coloured lighting round a room, building or area, creating stunning visual effects and adding value to existing features.

We use battery powered and mains powered uplighters to create stunning colours around your venue. With full colour mixing, we can match your wedding colour scheme with strips of colour and highlighted features.

From Pinks and Blues to crazy multi-colour explosions of light, whatever colour you want, we can create with full RGBW colour mixing and adjustable angle lighting.

Can I up light anything I want?

There are loads of things you can add extra lighting to and create a stunning feature from. Mirrors, fireplaces, walls and even trees (Depending on the weather)

Some walls are very easy to light. A straight white wall without a border or dado rail will light much easier than a pink wall with pictures and rails, but many issues can be overcome on site with a little magic being worked by our staff. If you have any questions, just ask

Sometimes the simplest up lighting colour scheme can be the most effective. Stone walls with pale or white lighting can give stunning effects and really add a touch of class to your event

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